Completely Free Monitoring API

OpenMon is a free to use server montoring API. Whether you are looking to create your own applications using it or just to ensure your own servers stay up, OpenMon makes it easy.

Completely free

OpenMon is completely free and always will be. We provide this service to assist you in creating awesome applications.

Goodbye false-positives

Before reporting to you of any downtime we check from multiple other locations to ensure that when we say it's down, it really is.

100% White label

We do not ask for any links back to us and we do expect you to either. It is completely up to you if you would like to credit us or not.


OpenMon's API is extremely simple and easy to get started with. OpenMon provides an easy-to-use API which allows you to ping an address or domain from 3 different servers and get the response time in ms. OpenMon also provides you with the HTTP response within the returned data as well as an average response time and a timestamp. We provide all the data you should need to monitor your own servers conveniently.

Method HTTP request Description
ping POST Returns ping times from three different monitors and an average between the three. This comes along with a timestamp and a "up" or "down" status. If "http" is POSTed it will return the http response. Visit here for parameters and output.

Our monitors

Currently all of our ping nodes are made up of Raspberry Pi Zero W's. These are affordable, quick to configure and powerful for their size. Their cost & size allows us to expand to new locations easily in the future. We are also able to carry a lot of spare nodes while taking up no storage space.

Feature requests

We are always looking to improve OpenMon. If you think that something is missing, whether it is a small improvement or an addition you would like to see, we are always open to hearing your ideas. We can always be contacted at